Executive Team

Ginger Macias Hernandez, MPH, MS


gingerGinger has two Master degrees from the University of Southern California in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. She is also an Alumni of USC’s Lusk Center of Real Estate, Ross Minority Program in Commercial Development and Finance.  Ginger is an active developer, rehabber, landlord, and educator. She founded OCWholesalers.com in 2008 which has been supplying investment properties at a discount to rehabbers, landlords, and end-users. Her extensive marketing and referral base has enabled her to acquire properties quickly and at a huge discount. Ginger also is a popular mentor and speaker at local investment clubs where she teaches others how to get started in real estate.

Contact:  ginger@AllianceCD.com  |  (818) 665-3577 x700


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