Alliance Capital Development is focused on finding value-add commercial properties for our clients and partners.  With our large network of asset managers, agents, property finders, and our in-house team we can find projects suited to development.

How It Works

Deal Structuring

  • We find, negotiate, and get the property under contract.
  • We put together a detailed marketing package that includes discounted cash flow/IRR analysis, rent rolls, etc
  • We find equity and debt financing
  • We bring in an experienced Joint Venture partner/developer to include this project in our in-house portfolio

Sourcing for Experienced Clients

For those projects that may not fit into our parameters we can assign our contract to an experienced client.

  • We find, negotiate, and get the property under contract.
  • We provide our clients a detailed Project PacModern real estateket that includes discounted cash flow/IRR analysis, rent rolls, operating income/expense reports, and market analysis.
  • After reviewing the materials you decide whether to move forward with the purchase.
  • All at no upfront cost to you!  We get paid an assignment fee only if you close on the property.*

These two acquisition programs ensure that we can close quickly and keep healthy relationships with our agents and asset managers.

If you would like to consider a Joint Venture with our company on any of the projects just let us know!

Our team of experts and associates includes realtors, finance companies, architects, engineers, project managers, real estate attorneys, and other multi-disciplinary team members. We pride ourselves in forming lasting relationships to create sustainable development projects.

We are currently focusing in Southern California but will consider other western states as well.

Let us know your buying criteria by clicking HERE.


*Small service fee applies. Call for details.

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